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Oh, my, gosh! I forgot to mention I have the 1961 Galion "Cub"! You will find the link to your 9th grade self on ths page! That would have been called "Junior High" back inthe day.


From Cynthia: 08/4/14:

Lenore BowdleCynthia Quay Paynter sent this to me July 10 to post:

"Thought you might enjoy a photo of Miss Bowdle that was taken when I visited her at her assisted living in Wooster. She is 94, and we still correspond and share a bond from the days when she was my violin teacher, as well as being our vocal music teacher before high school. She insists that I call her Lenore, but that took a while to get used to. She taught my sister, Chris, to play viola. We have good memories of music contests, operettas, and the community orchestra accompanying The Messiah. We used to meet at Bunn's Restaurant in Delaware for lunch. She has lost her hearing, and a stroke and arthritis made it necessary to give up her cute house in Wooster. She has not lost her ability for good conversation and a good chuckle. She told me she weighs 85 pounds. I could have picked her up and tossed her around. [Click on photo to enlarge]

Dated 02/13/14
Galion Connections Weekend, and the Galion Octoberfest in uptown Galion will also be going on the same weekend.

Galion Class of 64 will hold their 50th year reunion the weekend of September 26, 27 and 28, 2014.

  • Friday night informal social gathering
  • Friday night football game
  • Saturday golf outing at Valley View Golf Course
  • Brian Treish has offered to conduct a tour of the Gill House for us on Saturday. Time to be determined.
  • Bownella Cottage is open without a scheduled tour.
  • Saturday Evening is the 50th reunion Social Hour and Banquet
  • Sunday you are on your own to visit the area. Family, friends and classmates. There will likely be a lot of members of other GHS classes as it is Connections weekend.

Details of all events and reservation forms were mailed. Feel free to contact Jack and Barb Koschnick at (419) 462-5877 or by e-mail jackbark@gmail.com with questions. AND check back here.

Please forward addresses and e-mails (yours or other classmates) to Jack Koshnick   jacbark@gmail.com

Photo of Classmates from Renschville 1957-58

We have a new photo added. This one is from Jim Price. It is a second 6th grade class for Renschville Elementary dated 1957-58. This link (Jack Shuck Class) will take you to a larger photo with a caption / list, or you can click on the photo below (but it may take a little longer to load) We have been able to identified quite a few, but not everyone. Help?

Renschville Elementary School | Jack Shuck Class

Dated: 02/19/14


"Where Are They" Page has been updated with classmates we are looking for.

"Obituary" List has been updated as well.

Photos from our 45th reunion.

Featuring (in case you haven't seen this recently):

Cherry Street Gang

New Page: Response to Where Are They:

Connections and information is a lot of what this site is about. I'm pleased to share information about Dennis Zaebst. Let his sharing about his journey inspire you ALL to connect! Thanks, Dennis!

Ed Naufziger and Dave Smith also sent me updates.

New Photo Post: 1958 Sixth Grade: South School:

South Elementary Galion Ohio / Wilma Crall ElementaryThe hunting/sorting continues in the Hazlett house. Here's a gem for those of us who were in Ms. Willma Crall's Sixth Grade Class at South School.


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"Our Music" Site:

Marilyn Redden Kirsch (Galion Class of '62) posted this on Facebook and I thought it would fit on here very nicely as well. If you want to browse through these pages while you listen to "remember when" music, just right click over the link and chose "open in new window" and you can do both ... listen and browse. Here's the link:

NOTE: The complete 1989 Memory Book has been scanned and uploaded from our 25th Reunion. Check it out.

Updated: April 20, 2010 Thanks, Jim McCalla! Jim sent me an e-mail, identifying himself in the South School 4th grade class photo. Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate your addition! Kathie

01/17/10: Happy New Year! For those of you who have been here before, the former front page has been moved to this location.


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